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Last updated on: Jul 4, 2019
About Anutham
Remember the enthusiastic days of childhood, when the vacation was the only time you longed for? The most-awaited trip with your family, and the rare opportunity to luxuriate at a high-end resort. You wished those rejuvenating moments lasted forever, right? Bring back that enthusiasm, for your wish has been fulfilled. Amardeep Constructions presents Anutham, an epitome of luxury embodied with iron and concrete. Anutham is a residential project being developed by Amardeep Constructions on 1.73 acres of land 5 towers- proposed 23 storey offering luxurious 1, 1.5, 2, and 3 BHK flats. A separate 1-acre public garden would be developed by Amardeep Constructions, located right opposite to Anutham project. Apart from good connectivity, another advantage is the social and economic infrastructure – from retail developments and healthcare facilities to educational institutions and leisure.ANUTHAM is going to be the finest residential destinations at Mulund East. Here, you'll seek the luxury of a resort right at your home. Just step out of your doorstep, and you will find a plethora of world-class amenities at your service. Now, being at home will be your favorite leisure pursuit.
Everything is just around the corner, even luxury
Like every other project of ours, we chose a well-thought-out location even for Anutham. Located at a pristine location and engulfed by all the essential social infrastructures, Anutham makes convenience the first neighbor of its residents.
Offers your guests a grand welcome
They say first impression is the last impression. And before your guests visit your home, the entrance lobby of your apartment leaves an impression on them. Thus, we have designed a grand reception lobby at Anutham. Now, whenever your guests come over, you just need to luxuriate at your lavish home and the grand reception lobby will offer them a grand welcome
Treasure their childhood in a fun way!
A common concern that every parent faces is how to make their child's leisure entertaining. Despite buying them the latest games or playing with them for hours, their craving for fun remains unfulfilled. But at Anutham, this concern of yours is resolved.The fun-filled kid's play area at Anutham is equipped with a plethora of recreational activities and games so that your child can enjoy his leisure to the fullest. Now, you can set aside all your worries and make every moment of their childhood memorable
Everything here is sporting
The weekend is just around the corner, and you and your friends gear up for a basketball match, but your little one has a different plan. He wants to play tennis with you. No worries! You don’t need to drop the plan of basketball, for you have a multi-purpose court right at Anutham. Call your friends at your place and play basketball with them at the multi-purpose court. Despite being exhausted by the basketball match, face your little one in a tennis showdown and let him flaunt his skills. This will be a soothing defeat for you as everything here is sporting.
Revel in the ripples of joy!
It's a sunny summer morning and your little one insists you to visit a water park. But you wish to stay back home and laze around. Such dilemmas arise in the life of every parent except for the ones living at Anutham. While residing at Anutham, you don't need to compromise your leisure for the fun of your little one. As a world-class pool awaits you just a few storeys away. So sit back and bask on a beach chair or accompany your little one and revel in the ripples of joy.
Date her for a lifetime
Reminisce those beautiful days filled with love. When asking her out for a date was an everyday affair. You shared the same cup of coffee, and its warmth was reflected in your relation. But with the daily grind, going out on a date with her got limited only to anniversaries, isn’t it? For this reason, we have designed a cosy cafeteria right at Anutham. For expressing love isn't confined to special occasions. Now you will ask her to dress up in her favorite designer dress, and take her to the cafeteria for a date time and again. The aroma of coffee will awaken the memories of those special days of love.
The stage is all yours
Everyone has a dream. A dream to take center stage. A dream to showcase their talent in front of a crowd. A dream to be cheered and praised for their performance. But not every dream is fulfilled. But while residing at Anutham, every dream of yours will find a perfect stage. Architects of Anutham have designed an open-air amphitheater where you can perform under the sky. Where the galaxy and the people will witness your talent. And where you will be the real star of the night. So what are you waiting for? The stage is set for you.
Here,fitness is a a way of life
Mornings at Anutham are soothing to mind and body as well. With an endeavor to keep you in a good shape, Anutham hosts a plethora of amenities. From an encircling cycling track to a long stretch of jogging path and a well-equipped gymnasium, Anutham offers you all the amenities essential for staying fit. Now, you will get out of your bed and wear your sports shoes enthusiastically e very morning. For being fit will become your w y of life.
Sit back and walk down the memory lane
The life story of your parents is no less than a legend. That's the reason when your little ones ask them to narrate a story, they come up with a new one e very time. They recite their personal experiences, and no storybook can offer such enticing stories. For you to flip through the pages of their life story, we have created sit-outs at Anutham where you can sit back and walk down their memory lane along with them.
Go for a shopping spree downstairs
Whether you want to buy groceries or splurge on any branded apparel, travelling all the way to a supermarket or a shopping mall is an inconvenience everyone faces. But what if you found all the things on your shopping list right downstairs? At Anutham, this travelling hassle of yours will bid you an adieu. From daily household essentials to luxurious products, everything you need will be available to you at the upscale shopping center designed at Anutham. This shopping center comprising 39 stores will make shopping the most convenient activity for you.
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Multi-purpose court
kids play area
Leisure pool
CCTV Cameras
Rainwater harvesting
Earthquake resistant structure
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Some inherit a rich legacy while some create their own. In the past 16 years, Amardeep Constructions has gone from strength to strength with the strong foundation of ethics and values laid down by its visionary founders. These values and ethics have been their driving factor to success and have helped them to carve a niche for themselves. With a commitment to provide best quality construction and services, Amardeep Constructions has built numerous premium projects across Mumbai. This quality of Amardeep Constructions differentiates it from other players in the real estate industry.
About Mulund
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Popularly known as the Prince of Suburbs, Mulund is located in north-east Mumbai, with easy connectivity to both Mumbai and Navi Mumbai via Eastern Express Highway and Mulund-Airoli Bridge. Mulund also has a station on the Central Line of Mumbai Suburban Railway Network which easily connects it to all important social and commercial hubs. Mulund has benefitted from systematic urban planning and infrastructure development over the years. It has the best of amenities such as hospitals like Fortis Hospital, reputed schools such as DAV International School, Nalanda Public School, important shopping destinations like R Mall, Viviana Mall, cafes, restaurants, public spaces, movie theaters like Adlabs, PVR and so on. With proper urban infrastructures and development, the area offers a good quality of life and hence fuelled the demand for real estate here.
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